Performing a deep cleaning of a data center while it is in operation requires careful planning, adherence to safety protocols, and coordination with the data center management team. Here’s a guide on how to perform data center deep cleaning during operation:

Pre-cleaning preparations for deep cleaning of a data center while it is in operation:

Inform the data center management team about the cleaning schedule and obtain necessary permissions.
Take inventory and document the current configuration and connections of the equipment for easy reassembly later.
Backup critical data and ensure that disaster recovery plans are in place.

Safety measures for deep cleaning of a data center while it is in operation:

Ensure that all personnel involved in the cleaning process are aware of data center safety protocols.
Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves, safety glasses, and anti-static wrist straps.
Follow electrical safety guidelines and work in accordance with local regulations.

Divide and conquer:

Divide the data center into manageable sections or zones.
Begin the cleaning process in one section while keeping the other sections operational.
Temporarily relocate equipment, if necessary, to create a clear workspace for cleaning.

Dust control measures for deep cleaning of a data center while it is in operation:

Use dust control measures, such as plastic sheeting or curtains, to minimize the spread of dust and debris to other sections of the data center.
Seal off the area being cleaned to prevent contaminants from reaching operational equipment.
Place air purifiers or filters in the section being cleaned to help capture airborne particles.

DC Deep Cleaning process:

Follow the steps outlined in the „Server rack cleaning“ section and the „19-inch rack deep cleaning“ section to clean the server racks and equipment within the designated section.
Use low-noise or noise-canceling equipment when possible to minimize disturbances.
Pay special attention to cooling systems, such as air conditioning units and vents, as they tend to accumulate dust.

Cable management:

Take extra care when working around cables to avoid accidentally disconnecting or disturbing them.
If cables need to be moved or adjusted, document their original positions for reconnection.
Avoid pulling or tugging on cables, as this can lead to equipment damage or network disruptions.

Post-cleaning tasks:

Conduct thorough testing and verification to ensure all equipment is functioning correctly.
Move on to the next section and repeat the process until the entire data center has been cleaned.

It’s crucial to consult the data center management team and adhere to any specific cleaning instructions or protocols they have in place. Deep cleaning a data center during operation requires close coordination with the facility’s management and adherence to stringent safety measures to protect both personnel and the critical IT infrastructure